Legacy left behind brother ail banat changed many lives an hearts of ppl around the globe bless him Allah grant him the highest rank in jannah al firdouse Ameen.


MATW Project is great effort by Ali Binat and all people who this organized started a lot of program . MATW Project is a very sincere with peoples. May Allah all your accept your efforts JazakAllah. Ali Binat May Allah give you highest place in Jannah .Aameen


Allahhuakbar This is a great legacy held by the team of brother ali.....inshallah all the projects becomes a success with continuity of Allahs mercy.


To everyone that has donated, be proud of yourself and realise that their house in Jannah is getting built at the same time, No donation is too little, do not think twice, even $1 will make a change.

Ali Banat



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