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11 Years too long.

After more than a decade of conflict in Syria, the most vulnerable including children, women and the elderly continue to pay the heaviest price.
The conflict has plunged the nation into an ongoing debilitating economic crisis that families are unable to face alone.
The war is estimated to have claimed the lives of over half a million people leaving hundreds of thousands of children orphaned, and displacing millions more.
We urgently need your help delivering aid to those who are most vulnerable.

$300 –  will help feed 5 families for an entire month (5 food packs).
$100 –  will provide 20,000L of clean water
$60 – will provide a large family food pack or a hygiene kit
$10 – will provide a weeks supply of baby milk

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More than 6 million children inside Syria are in desperate need of assistance.

Children continue to bare the brunt of a crisis that’s entered it’s second decade. As a result, more than 80% of the population lives in poverty. An estimated 12.4 million Syrians are food insecure, according to the WFP. That’s 4 million more than 2021.


Together with our team and partners on the ground, we’re:

  • Combatting food insecurity by delivering essential food packs to vulnerable and displaced families to last an entire month
  • Delivering safe and clean drinking water supply to families in hard to reach areas
  • Providing hygiene kits that include essential supplies, preventing the spread of diseases

Help us reach as many vulnerable Syrian families today by providing life-saving aid.

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Large Family Food Pack


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Enough to last an entire month, contents include: sugar, ric, lentils, grit, oil, tea, dates, molasses, vegetable ghee, noodles, pasta, chickpeas, salt

Essential Kitchen Utensils


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Contents include: x6 plates, x6 bowls, x1 cooking pot, x1 pan, x1 tea pot, x6 tea cups, x6 knives, x6 forks, x6 spoons, x1 ladle

Large Hygiene Pack


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Contents include: x4 hand soap bars, x12 shaving blades, x1 shaving cream, x2 floor detergent, x2 dish washing liquid, x4 kitchen aprons, x10 paper towel rolls, x4 shampoo bottles, x2 loofahs, x2 chloric solution

10,000L Clean Water


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Provides 10,000L of safe and clean drinking water in hard to reach areas

Baby Milk (1 Week Supply)


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Provides a weeks supply of baby milk powder (28 meals)

Refurbish Homes Syria


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elp renovate homes that have been devastated by war and conflict. Our team on the ground will focus on the following: General Renovation, Plumbing, standing, Painting, Carpentry (doors & Windows), electrics and lighting, tailing and furniture.


Large Family Food Pack, Essential Kitchen Utensils, Large Hygiene Pack, 10,000L Clean Water, Syria Baby Milk (1 Week Supply), Donate Any Amount