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Sheep & cow sacrifice


Sheep & Cow Sacrifice

MATW takes extra care to fulfil your sheep sacrifices where they are most needed in the world.  All your sacrifices are documented, and we make sure all donors receive a video of the donation.

Generally in Islam, sheep sacrifices are made when there is a special occasion.  This is because muslims should not forget those in need, even during the happy moments in life.  Aqeeqah is normally given when a new baby is born, to ask Allah SWT for blessings.  Two sheep should be sacrificed for a boy and one sheep for a girl.

Walimah feasts can be donated by newlyweds to bless their marriage, while a Nidr sheep sacrifice can be made when one makes a vow to Allah SWT to perform a good deed if a certain blessing takes place.


Donate a sheep or cow to earn the blessings of Allah SWT



Donate a Sheep for a newborn child.  A dua will be made for every baby and a video sent to you for the special occasion!  Sacrifices are completed within 7-21 days!



Donate a feast to celebrate an Islamic wedding or another joyous occasion.  Donors will receive a video of their Walimah offering!



Donate a sheep to thank Allah SWT for a blessing.  Nidr is usually fulfilled as a vow.  Sacrifices are completed within 7-21 days!

Sadaqah Sheep Sacrifice


A Sadaqah sacrifice is a voluntary sacrifice performed for the sake of Allah either on one’s own behalf or someone else’s.  Sacrifices are completed within 7-21 days!

Bangladesh Goat Sacrifice


A Sadaqah goat sacrifice given in North Bangladesh.  Sacrifices are completed within 7-21 days!

Cow Sacrifice


Cow sacrifices provide impoverished communities with meat supply aimed at alleviating hunger for 200 people.  Sacrifices are completed within 7-21 days!


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