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Rebuild Palestine


Help us rebuild Palestine …

Palestinians need your support to rebuild lives shattered by the recent conflict.

Years of blockade and restrictions have plunged 80% of Palestinians into poverty, one of the highest rates of poverty in the world.  The recent conflict has deepened the poverty even further and ruined any hope for improvement to the lives of innocent Palestinians.

Around 1.8 million people in the Gaza strip only were affected by the fighting, in which essential infrastructure such as power stations, water treatment plants, hospitals and schools were damaged or destroyed. Almost 11,000 homes were left in ruins.

MATW is now on the ground helping Palestinians rebuild their lives.  We are calling for urgent support to prevent any further poverty or loss of life.

We want to repair vital infrastructure such as homes and health facilities.  In addition, we want to enable families to rebuild their livelihoods, provide affected children with the psychosocial support that they need to overcome their experiences, and deliver projects to reduce the impact of any future crises.

With our help, let’s restore hope to the lives of our beloved Palestinian brothers and sisters.


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