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Ramadan is a gift…

It’s been an unsettling year around the world.  Millions of people have died in this global pandemic and fallen into poverty. It’s highlighted how fragile our daily ways of life are.

Despite the big shake up, we’ve been gifted another Ramadan this year.

We should use the gift of this holy month to give to others.  Many of us have remained relatively unscathed throughout the coronavirus epidemic. We’ve been fortunate to have our basic human needs fulfilled, including access to clean water and nourishing meals.

We want your help and generosity to fulfil these needs to the millions of orphans, widows and families who are struggling across West Africa, East Africa, Lebanon and Bangladesh.  With your generosity, help us distribute a million meals this Ramadan. Use your privilege. Imitate the Prophet’s (PBUH) generosity. Get gifting.

As Ibn ‘Abbas narrated: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the most generous person, and he used to become more so (generous) particularly in the month of Ramadan…more generous than the fast wind in doing good.” [Bukhari]


2021 Ramadan Projects

Single Iftar


Gift an hot iftar meal to the needy in Ramadan.  Consists of rice, bread, meat, dates, fruit and water.

Family Food Pack


Help a family prepare for Ramadan by gifting an entire food pack.  Consists of 10kg rice, pasta, lentils, oil, pack of dates, tomato paste, salt, sugar, beans, flour and loose tea.

Feed an Orphan for 30 days


Gift an orphan a hot meal for the entire month of Ramadan.   Given to children living in orphanages in West Africa, Bangladesh and Lebanon.

Zakat Al Fitr


Your Zakat Al Fitr is distributed before Eid prayer and is given on behalf of every member of your family.

Masjid Iftar for 100 people


Gift an iftar to 100 people in a Masjid in Ramadan! The meal consists of rice/bread, meat, dates, fruit and water.


$10 (per fast missed)

Gift a fidyah meal for every fast missed.  Your fidya donation will give someone in need a suhoor and hot iftar meal in West Africa, Bangladesh or Lebanon.

Did you know?

MATW has fed over 1,000,000 people!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is food aid.
Providing relief to the needy was very close to Ali Banat’s heart as it was in the heart of
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Where does MATW distribute its iftar meals and Zakat al Fitr?

This year we will be handing out iftar and zakat al fitr in West Africa, East Africa, Bangladesh and Lebanon!

How can I donate my Zakat Al Maal?

You can donate your zakat al maal by visiting our Zakat page here.

Is Ramadan a good time to give charity?

Ramadan is the best time to increase one’s sadaqah, pay one’s zakat if it is due or start giving regular charity as your rewards for good deeds are multiplied!

What is Fidyah and Kaffarah?

Fidyah a charity given by those who can’t fast due to old age, illness or any other impairment.  Fidyah consists of paying for 2 meals for a person per day of fasting missed.   Kaffara is made for fasts missed unnecessarily – for example, if someone misses or breaks a fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason.

Is my Ramadan donation tax deductible?

Yes!  All developmental donations with MATW are fully tax deductible.


Single Iftar, Family Food Pack, Feed an Orphan for 30 days, Feed x 5 Orphans for 30 days, Feed x 10 Orphans for 30 days, 30 day Single Iftar, Zakat Al Fitr, Masjid Iftar for 100 people, Masjid Iftar for 200 people, Masjid Iftar for 300 people, Rice 50kg Bag, Eid Gift Pack, Zakat Al Mal, Fidyah, Kaffarah

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