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Help MATW provide lifesaving medical aid.

If God forbid, an accident were to happen at home today, how long would it take for the paramedics to show up? 2 minutes? Maybe 5? How far is your nearest clinic? Your Sadaqah helps to ensure that we’re able to reach the most vulnerable.

Help provide essential medical aid to our communities and help save countless lives.

+ $1,500 Can help build a medical clinic in an impoverished community.

+ $500 Can help provide essential healthcare to 4 mothers and 4 babies at our MATW clinics.

+ $150 Can help stock clinics with urgent medical supplies so our team can tend to the sick.

Select an option below and enter the amount you wish to give. Every dollar counts and goes to where it’s needed most.

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What we do in West Africa a nutshell:

  • Set up clinics in central places.
  • Hire qualified medical staff.
  • Provide medical supplies.
  • Train and educate the community and staff on important health initiatives.


Our health initiatives prioritize the most vulnerable people in West Africa  – orphans, widows, and the elderly. Our work is two-pronged – clinic support and health supplies.

Health supplies cover critical goods, such as ventilators and sanitation products. We also provided and maintain an emergency response vehicle in Togo and Benin.

Our clinic in Kpoga comes under clinic support. This facility runs 24 hours a day, responding to the needs of the orphans, widows, and the elderly in the village.

No one should be helpless in the face of tragedy. Good healthcare is a profound human need. Fulfil their needs and Allah (SWT) will fulfil yours. Every dollar counts and will go where it’s needed the most.

What we provide in our medical aid project:

  •    Building of central medical clinics
  •    Medical staff to treat patients
  •    Medicine and medical supplies
  •    Medicine and medical supplies
  •    Training programs on health.

Check out our Medical Aid in action

Health Supplies


Donate towards general health and medical supplies including emergency care, sanitation and equipment.

Clinic Support


Support our Kpoga health clinic which specialises in health for Orphans and widows.  Donations go towards supporting the nurses and equipments.

Did you know?

MATW has treated over 75,000 sick people!

Orphans held a very special place in Ali Banat’s heart, as it did in the heart of our prophet Muhammad SAWS. Caring for orphans in every way, including healthcare, is at the heart of our work.
In these uncertain times, it can be easy to feel somewhat helpless, or like there isn’t anything we can do to support the world’s most vulnerable.
Together, we can change that.
Help us provide essential life-saving medical aid today and care for countless lives across the globe with us.


Health Supplies, Clinic Support

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