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MATW & Lebanon

In August this year. Lebanon was brought to its knees by an explosion that destroyed 80% of its capital city, Beirut. Since the explosion, the country has suffered an ongoing crisis, plunging most its population into dire poverty.

Our team is distributing food packs to those in need and providing medical assistance to the children and families unable to afford a doctor.  We are also helping the people of Lebanon rebuild their lives by repairing damage to homes and supporting those living under the poverty line in any way possible.

Whether you are Lebanese or from a different place, the plight of the country is something that we can all prevent together.  Please dig deep and help however you can.  As Ali Banat used to say, every dollar counts – even $1.


MATW Lebanon Projects

Lebanon General Appeal

$Any amount

Give any amount to help the people of Lebanon get through the ongoing crisis.  Donations will be handed out on a most-needed basis.

Family Food Pack


Provide a family of 4-5 with a food pack, including rice, pasta, tomato paste, oil, chickpeas, tahini, hummus, Lebanese bread, flour and tinned goods.

Masjid Repair


Donate repairs for 1 square metre of Masjid, to help clean them up, fix structural damage and replace carpets.

Medical Aid

$Any Amount

Donate to give medical attention to struggling communities in Lebanon.  Aid will be given to families and children that have no access to healthcare or support.

Lebanon Baby Milk 4 Weeks Supply


Give milk formula to a baby for 4 weeks.  Formula is distributed to babies living in poverty in Beirut and Tripoli.

Lebanon Baby Milk Yearly Supply


Give milk formula to a baby for an entire year.  Formula is distributed to babies living in poverty in Beirut and Tripoli.

Sponsor Milk Monthly


Donate monthly recurring milk formula to a baby most in need.  Milk Formula will be distributed every month until you cancel your donation.


Did you know?

MATW has given over 10,000 food packs in Lebanon.

Lebanon held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it is where his mother came from.

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