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MATW & Lebanon

Lebanon has been brought to its knees by an explosion that has destroyed 80% of its capital city, Beirut.  With over 170 killed and over 6000 injured, MATW is providing emergency assistance to those affected.
Our team is distributing food packs to the most in need and providing medical assistance via mobile clinics and ambulance services.  We are also commencing repair operations to fix homes destroyed in the crisis as well as emergency masjid repairs.  The focus is to replace shattered glass panels and mend structural damage.
Please make sure you share with your friends and family.  We urgently need your assistance in this time.  Lebanon needs us.

MATW Lebanon Projects

Emergency Donation

$Any amount

Give any amount to the Lebanon Crisis, which will be handed out on a most-needed basis.

Family Food Pack


Provide a family of 4-5 with a food pack, including rice, pasta, tomato paste, oil, chickpeas, tahini, hummus, Lebanese bread, flour and tinned goods.

Masjid Repair


Donate repairs for 1 square metre of Masjid, to help clean them up, fix structural damage and replace carpets.

Home Restoration


Give support to one household in Lebanon for repairs, including structural damage and cleaning.

Mobile Clinic


You can donate one mobile clinic visit to a local in need of medical aid.  The mobile clinics travel around Beirut treating injuries and giving basic medical supplies.

Ambulance Service


Sponsor an ambulance visit to someone with a medical emergency in the Beirut city area.


Did you know?

MATW has given over 10,000 food packs in Lebanon.

Lebanon held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it is where his mother came from.


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