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Unable to earn a living, unable to provide for their families and constantly scavenging for their next meal

Food inflation prices since 2019 in Lebanon have exceeded 400% making it almost impossible to survive without having to resort to the unthinkable in some cases. Many families – Lebanese locals and refugees – are largely dependent on humanitarian aid. Without support, they could fall further into a life of extreme poverty.

We’re providing urgent food aid, basic necessities, medical support, orphan care and so much more to help support the most vulnerable in Lebanon but we can’t do it alone.

Your Sadaqah can help us reach millions.

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More than three-quarters of the Lebanese population are living below the poverty line.

The country’s economic crisis has not only changed the lives of millions of Lebanese locals but millions of Syrian and Palestinian refugees of which 90% live in extreme poverty, according to the United Nations.

Families continue to accumulate debt to cover food and living costs, while other families search through rubbish tips to gather whatever they can to silence the cries of hunger from their children.

MATW is on the ground

Muslims Around The World Project runs an extensive operation in Lebanon that covers regular food distributions, orphan care, psychosocial support, medical support and so much more.

In Ramadan this year alone, we delivered more than 30,000 food packs and distributed tens of thousands of hot meals.

Together we’re reaching millions every year in Lebanon, working together to ensure that we’re doing what we can to protect vulnerable families from the consequences of extreme poverty.

Your Sadaqah will help us provide for the poorest and vulnerable families.

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MATW Lebanon Projects

Care for Orphans


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$1,000 could help us feed, clothe, shelter and medically treat up to 50 who have been orphaned by the crisis and pandemic in Lebanon.
They need you now more than ever before.

Deliver 5 Family Food Packs


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$250 Could feed 5 families by providing them with a food pack with enough provisions for an entire month! The pack contains 3KG rice, 2KG sugar, 2KG white rough grit, 1KG Turkish chickpeas, 2KG red crushed lentils, 3 packs of spaghetti Spaghetti, 2KG fine white grit, 1.8L Gallon of Oil, 800g Tahini, 500g noodles, 400g tomato paste.

Feed 30 people for $150


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$150 will help feed 30 people, ensuring they don’t sleep hungry. $5 will cater for one hot meal.

Deliver 3000L Clean Water


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Deliver 3,000 Litres of Fresh clean water

Deliver 2000L Clean Water


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Deliver 2,000 Litres of Fresh clean water

Winter Bedding Pack


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Provide warm bedding, mattress, pillow and blanket.

Deliver fresh bread to hungry families


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$75 could provide 250 bags of freshly baked bread to hungry Lebanese families.

Winter Clothing Pack


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Provide warm winter clothing pack for 1 person (Jacket, Pants, Sweater, Wool Hat)

Deliver 1000L Clean Water


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Deliver 1,000 Litres of Fresh clean water

Did you know?

MATW has given over 10,000 food packs in Lebanon.

Lebanon held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it is where his mother came from.


Care for Orphans, Supply Urgent Medical Aid, Deliver 5 Family Food Packs, Feed 30 people for $150, Deliver fresh bread to hungry families, Where it's needed most, Winter Clothing Pack, Winter Bedding Pack, Deliver 1000L Clean Water, Medium Winter Family Food Pack, Deliver 2000L Clean Water, Deliver 3000L Clean Water

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