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MATW & Lebanon

Depleted gas stations. Butchers that can no longer afford to sell meat. Dried-up ATMs. Empty shelves in closed pharmacies. This devastation is the new normal in Lebanon. The economic crisis, followed by the Beirut blast and coupled with the damaging effects of global pandemic, the people of Lebanon continue to suffer with little hope for what the future holds. YOU can change that. 

How we at MATW are helping:  

Our team has been responding to the crisis in Lebanon since the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve delivered milk, bread, baby essentials for newborns, restored hospital equipment, provided urgent medical supplies and food packs containing provisions to last an entire month to thousands of families. The work we’re doing is making a huge difference within the lives of those most vulnerable, and none of it would be possible without you. 

But there is still so much more to be done. 

Recent reports show staggering numbers with poverty levels at an all time high. COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise and supplies continue to decrease due to the sky-rocketing prices and inflation rates. 

Our MATW team is still on the ground focussing on feeding and supporting as many people as we possibly can. So whether it be bread or a food pack to hungry families, support for vulnerable orphaned children or urgent medical supplies and equipment for the sick – we are there.

Every single dollar counts. Please donate now.


MATW Lebanon Projects

Care for Orphans


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$1,000 could help us feed, clothe, shelter and medically treat up to 50 who have been orphaned by the crisis and pandemic in Lebanon.
They need you now more than ever before.

Supply Urgent Medical Aid


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$650 could help us treat hundreds of vulnerable people ravaged by the pandemic by providing urgent medical supplies and hospital equipment.

Deliver 5 Family Food Packs


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$250 Could feed 5 families by providing them with a food pack with enough provisions for an entire month! The pack contains 3KG rice, 2KG sugar, 2KG white rough grit, 1KG Turkish chickpeas, 2KG red crushed lentils, 3 packs of spaghetti Spaghetti, 2KG fine white grit, 1.8L Gallon of Oil, 800g Tahini, 500g noodles, 400g tomato paste.

Feed 30 people for $150


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$150 will help feed 30 people, ensuring they don’t sleep hungry. $5 will cater for one hot meal.

Deliver fresh bread to hungry families


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$75 could provide 250 bags of freshly baked bread to hungry Lebanese families.

Where it’s needed most


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Give $50 or more to where it’s needed most and we’ll ensure that your donation is put to action across all of the projects and relief we’re delivering on the ground for vulnerable Lebanese families.

Did you know?

MATW has given over 10,000 food packs in Lebanon.

Lebanon held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it is where his mother came from.


Care for Orphans, Supply Urgent Medical Aid, Deliver 5 Family Food Packs, Feed 30 people for $150, Deliver fresh bread to hungry families, Where it's needed most

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