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Rohingya Fire Appeal


MATW’s emergency response to the Rohingya Fire Disaster…

Over 45,000 people have been displaced after a massive inferno of fire ripped through Cox’s Bazar Refugee Camp in Bangladesh. The Rohingya people have been displaced two times. For many, there is nothing left and nowhere to go.  Your donation can restore homes, repair families and build back hope…


Nearly 1 million refugees call Cox’s Bazar their home and this disaster has left them helpless and in danger.  Homes have been destroyed.  Children have been left with no shelter.   Food supplies wiped out.  The Rohingya people have been left vulnerable, their safety not guaranteed by no one else but the generosity of the donor community.

Following the fire incident, MATW has since activated an emergency response plan to provide immediate support to the affected refugees, especially children who have lost their homes & loved ones.  MATW has been working in Bangladesh since 2016, with many homes in Cox’s Bazar built by our teams on the ground.  With your donation, we can repair the damage, shelter displaced refugees and restore hope to the Rohingya people once again.

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