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Understanding Fidyah and Kaffarah

What do you do when you miss a fast? It’s actually ok not to know some of the smaller details in Ramadan, which is why we are here to help you get a better understanding about Fidyah and Kaffarah.

+ $ 600 – Will pay for one Kaffarah (intentional missed or broken fast).
+ $ 10 – Will pay Fidyah for one accidental or unintentional missed or broken fast (pay $300 if you missed the entire month of fasting.)

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Fidyah & Kaffarah Options

Fidyah for one missed Fast


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Fidyah – $10 for one missed fast

Fidyah for one month missed Fast


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Fidyah – $300 for one month missed fast

Kaffarah for one broken Fast


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Kaffarah – $600 for one broken fast

Fidyah – Enter own Amount


Fidyah – Enter own amount

Kaffarah – Enter own Amount


Kaffarah – Enter own amount

So what is Fidyah?

Basically, when a person is unable to fast due to illness, they’re on medication or through weakness because of old age they are not obliged to fast during Ramadan. Instead, they should feed a person for two meals for every day in Ramadan, if they are able to. This is Fidyah. Additionally, if you have accidently broken your fast and are unable to physically make them up, then you should also give Fidyah.

At MATW our Fidyah is $10 a day (for two meals). This will provide two nutritious meals for someone in need.


How soon should you pay Fidyah?

You should pay Fidyah as soon as possible. If you’ve accidently missed your fast you should pay it straight away. And if you are unable to fast, it is recommended that you should pay your Fidiyah as soon as Ramadan starts.


So what is Kaffarah?

Kaffarah is when you break or miss a fast in Ramadan intentionally. This is where you must fast for sixty days consecutively, excluding days when it is Eid or when women are going through menstruation. These 60 days have to be consecutive, as if you miss one day you will have to do all sixty again.

This is why if you are unable to do this, you can pay Kaffarah. This is feeding 60 people two nutritious meals a day. Kaffarah at MATW is $600 for the sixty days. Remember you need to give Kaffarah for every missed fast.


How soon should you pay Kaffarah?

You should pay your Kaffarah as soon as possible if you are unable to make up the sixty fasts.


Who are the recipients of Fidyah and Kaffarah?

Your Fidyah and Kaffarah at MATW is given to the poor and needy. Our teams constantly distribute food around the world to those most in need.


Is it obligatory to give Fidyah and Kaffarah?

As fasting is an obligation on all Muslims, paying Fidyah if you’re unable to fast or have accidently missed a fast, and paying Kaffarah is you’ve purposely missed a fast is also mandatory. This is if you have the means to do so.


Fidyah – $10 for one missed Fast, Fidyah – $300 for one month missed Fast, Kaffarah – $600 for one broken Fast, Fidyah – Enter own amount, Kaffarah – Enter own amount

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