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Educating Generations


MATW & Education

One of our aims is to lift West Africa out of poverty through education.  By educating generations, we can use knowledge, trade and commerce to improve livelihoods rather than relying on donations that may never come through.

We have in-house colleges and schools that exist in our Kpoga, Tsevie and Zooti villages as well as Quran classes that happen in our Masjids!  Our Orphans are the main beneficiaries of our Education programme and without your donations – won’t be able to attend school otherwise.

Through our Education programme, you can sponsor a student for a year or give an annual salary to a Teacher that can join our schools and colleges.


MATW Education Projects

University Project

We are building our own Islamic University!  You can donate any amount towards the construction of the university which is expected to finish in 2021!

School Project

Donate any amount to keep our in-house colleges open to the Orphans of Kpoga, Tsevie and Zooti!

Operation Costs

This programme helps us maintain the operation of our schools and Quran classes.  Your donation will go towards replenishing supplies, keeping the classrooms clean and any repairs needed for the buildings.

Sponsor a Teacher


Sponsor a teacher for a year!  The teachers give lessons on a broad range of subjects including Islamic Studies, Quran, Geography, Maths and Science!

Sponsor a Student


For $150 you can sponsor a student for a year which will ensure they have textbooks, stationary, bags, uniform and any other supplies needed for a productive time at school!

Check out our Education projects in action

Did you know?

MATW currently has over 4,000 students!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is its Education programme.
We want to lift communities up with sustainability and progress!


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