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$40 Qurban


Qurban for $40AUD!

This year, MATW is giving you the opportunity to give your Qurban in India from just $40AUD.  And the best part?  Your $40 Qurban won’t be delivered as frozen meat.  Your Qurban will be sacrificed at the point of distribution and is given to beneficiaries in India immediately.

Therefore, the impact of your Qurban is immeasurable to communities in India, who are suffering from the deadliest bout of the Covid Pandemic.  You will be providing vital, fresh protein for nourishment, as well as an opportunity for families to get together on Eid.  Real Qurban, Real Impact.  That’s the MATW way!




East/West Africa Goat/Sheep $99, East/West Africa Cow $450, East/West Africa Cow Share $65, Palestine Goat/Sheep $325, Palestine Cow Share $230, Lebanon Cow Share $210, Syria Goat/Sheep $200, Yemen Goat/Sheep $99, Pakistan Cow $875, Pakistan Cow Share $125, Bangladesh/Myanmar Goat/Sheep $200, Bangladesh/Myanmar Cow $770, Bangladesh/Myanmar Cow Share $110, India Cow $280, India Cow Share $40, Eid Clothing $35, Rice Bag $50

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