The MATW Village project

The MATW Village project in the Area Zooti Brique Togo Lome

This project consists of:

  • 200 homes to house widows/children and orphans
  • A school that will consist of 1000 students learning Quran
  • Aluminum college for mature male students
  • Sewing college for mature female students
  • Soccer field/play area for the children
  • A masjid for the village and local community
  • Medical Centre
  • 5 shops to allow for ongoing sustainability for the village

Chive Project

The Chive Project is located in Togo Chive

This project consists of:

  • 2 schools for orphans and local children where they will learn Quran
  • Masjid for those who live in the Chive village and surrounding locals
  • 30 homes for widows and children
  • Large wudut area
  • Play area for children

Cemetary Project

The Cemetary Project is located in Lome

This project consists of:

  • A 10acre burial ground equipped with gardens and areas for families to visit
  • A building to wash the dead the proper Islamic way
  • A masjid where the funeral services will be held
  • A funeral vehicle to transport the dead


The Water Well Project is located throughout Africa

This project consists of:

  • Cost $1000 Australian dollars per well
  • Located throughout Africa where most needed
  • Time frame- approx. 6-12 weeks
  • Includes personalised plaque
  • Updates provided
  • Water Wells take 2-3 Months to complete


It is estimated that there are over 150 million orphan children in the world. 56 million of those children reside in Africa alone.
  • MATW currently has 3 running orphanages with the hope of establishing as additional one by May 2017.
  • At present there are 500 orphans
  • To sponsor a child it cost $40 Australian Dollars per month.
  • Each monthly sponsorship caters schooling, food, clothing, health care all in a fun caring living environment.


General, Building & Sheep Donations

Account Name: MATW-Project
BSB: 012 226
A/N: 231 757 545

Emergency Aid Projects

Account Name: MATW-Project
BSB: 012 226
A/N: 231 758 409

Water Wells

Account Name: MATW-Project
BSB: 012 226
A/N: 231 758 396


Account Name: MATW-Project
BSB: 012 226
A/N: 231 758 417