MATW Project

MATW & Orphans

Helps poverty-stricken villages to survive and care for
the orphans. Ensures orphans that have no support are
looked after, and provided for in terms of education,
clothing, shelter, food and clean water.

Make a difference to a child’s life, by giving them
opportunities for education and providing for basic life

Donors are able to receive update on their orphan upon
request, and receive a unique orphan portfolio for every
orphan sponsored. For just $40.00 AUD per month for
an orphan, you can help to change a life.

What you provide when you sponsor an Orphan with MATW:

 Education (Schooling)
 Healthcare/Medical Aid
 Daily Meals

 Fun Day (Outings)
 Eid Gifts
 Extracurricular Activities (Soccer, Jiu Jitsu etc)

What You will receive in return:

  •  Orphan profile (via email)
     Yearly report of your orphan (via email)
  •      Glad tidings of Paradise with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  •      Blessings and happiness in your life
  •      Blessings/Purification of your wealth
  •      A legacy that will continue to benefit you after you die
    (as the orphan lives their life, and their children and so on).

$40 a month

will change an

orpahn’s life (and yours)

MATW cares for almost 1,000 Orphans!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is its Orphan Sponsorship program.
Orphans held a very special spot in Ali Banat’s heart as it did in the heart of
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). MATW’s Orphan program is real and has impacted
not only the lives of the orphans but their family, community and society.

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