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Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud


Message from the Chair and Respected Sheikh


All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah, the most high, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His servant and final Messenger Muhammad.Friends are forever, you may lose them, but you’ll never forget them. On behalf of MATW I offer my sincere condolences to Ali Banat’s family, friends and supporters. May Allah I bestow His mercy and forgiveness upon him. The world may have lost an inspirational leader and a noble human being, however, by the will of Allah I, his legacy will live on.

Ali has left behind an ongoing charity that has been built on strength, resilience and empathy. Looking after the less fortunate was his passion and desire, and the board is committed to continue the work he loved so much.It’s particularly heartening to have been appointed to succeed the role of Ali Banat. Immediately, it has become apparent I lead a board with genuine commitment, tremendous sense of confidence and optimism for MATW. We will aim to continuously make real progress, maximise our impact and keep administration costs at a low.Now, more than ever, it is vital that we strengthen the voices of the powerless – where everyone can thrive no matter what challenges they may face. The vision we will continue, is to develop communities, that are supported by its people and built on their strengths, to overcome hardships and crisis.

We are exceptionally grateful for the amazing generosity of all our partners, donors and supporters. We will work continuously with communities and other not-for-profits to ensure the prosperity of MATW.Finally, and once again, I would like to thank Allah, the most high, for his continuous blessings upon us, I ask Allah to guide us to that which is best for us in this life and the next, and I ask Him to continue to strengthen MATW, its leaders and members.

The Prophet peace and blessing be upon him said: “if the son of Adam dies, his good deeds come to an end except for three things – one of them being – an ongoing charity…” based on this Prophetic narration, I ask Allah, the most high, to accept MATW as an ongoing charity for my beloved friend Ali Banat.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

Abu Bakr Zoud is a graduate of the Faculty of Quran from the Islamic University of Madinah, after which he continued his Qur’anic Studies in Egypt. He received numerous ijazaat in Hafs including one from Sh Ali Al-Hudhafy, the Imam of Masjid An-Nabwi. Abu Bakr Zoud specialises in Qir’aat and currently teaches Tafseer at the Islamic College Australia.

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