Legacy Fundraising Iftar

Saturday, Jun 9, 2018

4:00pm - 10:00pm


Asalam alaikum dear brothers and sisters we are so excited to announce we are officially holding an iftar fundraiser in brother Ali Banats name to complete his current projects!! It is this Saturday details below!!!!

Time: start at 4pm

Location: Renaissance Lidcombe

Cost: $95. Men and women. Segregated seating.

Tickets: Available online see facebook and instagram for details. Event page has been set up.

Or you can buy from the MATW office

Fundraiser theme: To continue alis projects which are
1. 4000 houses in Bangladesh. $500 each. This is a 2 bedroom home which includes utilities and facilities.
2. 100 houses in Africa. $1300 per house. This includes maintaining a family for 1 year. And to secure this house yearly its $1300 per year.

If you are overseas you can donate on the matw website.

There will also be a special video played which which will lift the curtain on the who the MATW team is. To ensure legacy of MATW continues.


Event Location

Renaissance Lidcombe
Lidcombe, NSW, 2141

Event Fees

AUD 95.00