MATW Project

Let’s end hunger Today! No woman or child should ever get sick from not having enough food. MATW Project carries out food distributions to provide communities in need with nutrition aimed at alleviating hunger. Donors have the option to select from different sources of food distribution. Donate rice, sheep or cow or even a general donation for supplies such as pasta, oil and tomato paste!

Donating a cow to villages in need is the
ultimate gesture. A cow can bring nutrition to hundreds
of children or up to 70 families.

Giving a sheep is one of MATW’s most requested donations
and that’s because of the benefits it brings to local communities.
A sheep can feed up to 40 villagers and the meat is given fresh,
not canned.

A 50kg bag of rice can feed a family for up to 2 months!
The bags are distributed to our most vulnerable communities,
including widows and orphans.

You can also donate any amount which goes towards food supplies
such as pasta, oil, flour and tomato paste. Even $1 counts!

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