Single Food Pack

Provide someone in need with a single iftar consisting of a hot meal, clean water, dates, rice and seasonal fruit.

Family Food Pack

Provide a family of 4-5 with iftar for every single day of Ramadan, including 10kg rice, 10 x 500g Pasta, 2 x 2.5L tomato paste and 1L oil.  Also includes a 1000CFR cash donation.

Masjid Iftar

Donate a hot iftar to an entire masjid of 150 people, including meat, rice, dates and fresh water for every person.  This year, we will also ensure social distancing in our masajid!

Eid Gift Pack

Give an Eid gift of toys, books or clothing to an Orphan in need.

Zakat Al Fitr

A charity given in the form of food to the needy, given in Ramadan.

Zakat al Maal

Obligatory charity donation given to the needy.

General Donation

Donate any amount towards our Ramadan projects.

Did you know?  MATW has fed over 1,000,000 people!