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  • Covid-19 Response

    To our dear MATW Community, Assalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allahu Wa Barakatuh, At MATW, the wellbeing of our global community is our number one concern. As we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation worldwide, I wanted to send you a note of comfort and positivity on behalf of the MATW team. As someone who was with …

  • Orphans


    Why We Love Orphans? Providing for children and orphans was particularly close to Ali’s heart, not having had any children of his own, he grew to love them as though they were his own.  With your help, these children will no longer remain destitute with no one to rely on for even the basic necessities …

  • Water Well

    Water Wells

    Did you know? MATW has built 950+ Water Wells! Africa is one of the top regions in the world that suffers the most from the global water crisis. Ghana & Burkina Faso are among the Top 3 African countries that have no access to safe/clean drinking water (almost 85%!) In Africa, 650 people die every …

  • Food Distribution

    Food Distribution

    Let’s end hunger Today! No woman or child should ever get sick from not having enough food. MATW Project carries out food distributions to provide communities in need with nutrition aimed at alleviating hunger. Donors have the option to select from different sources of food distribution. Donate rice, sheep or cow or even a general …

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