MATW- Muslims Around The World was a special project developed in October 2015 to assist those less fortunate in the poverty stricken areas of Togo in Africa. “Muslims Around the World” was established by Ali Banat, a brother from within the Australian Muslim community, who recently found out he was diagnosed with cancer. This motivated Ali to travel to Togo, Africa and spend the rest of his time assisting the communities there.

During his 2 week journey, Ali met local children and families and has seen their situation first hand. What started as a personal project has turned into a long term vision to bring joy to the smiles of children all over the world. Muslims Around the World aims to build a village which will be home to over 200 widows, a masjid for the local community and a school to house 600 orphans. A mini hospital/medical centre and businesses to support the local community are also going to be established. With Muslims Around the World, 100% of the donations will be delivered with 0% administrative fee as all fees are covered by sponsorship.

All funds collected are divided and spent amongst the 3 projects MATW has running at the moment. We purchase all materials for all three sites, pay workers, provide food for those on sight and aid for those who in need also. In creating these 3 projects we have created on sustainable support.


Ali Banat a 31 year old brother who had it all. Two successful self developed businesses and lead a luxurious life, nothing was slowing him down and had a bright future ahead of him. Then in July 2015 brother Ali Banat received news that would never have crossed his mind. Ali Banat was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma from this moment he knew his life would never be the same. Then the bad news kept coming; it had spread throughout his body to his lungs and bones. At first this came as a shock to Ali as it would to anyone in his situation but quickly Ali took the news in the most positive way and took it as a “gift” from God, a means to turn his life around in the eyes of his creator. He came to the realisation of what is most important in his life at this point.


It is then he stumbled across a YouTube video of a fellow brother doing charity work in Africa for orphans, widows and poor Islamic communities. This trip was life changing for him. His initial purpose of his travel was to build one school but Ali gained a sense of purpose and went on a mission to continue to help his brothers and sisters in need. Upon arriving home to his family he decided to start a small charity organisation he hoped would bring his community together. Through this idea he established MATW-Project (Muslims Around the World Project) in October 2016. He decided to make widows and orphans his main focus of this project.
After establishing the organisation and in the process ridding himself of all his material luxurious possessions to start this project. Ali decided to courageously put his story out there for the world to see. In doing this he hoped to teach people what really matters in this life and how much we take life for granted. Ali could never have predicted just how much his project would thrive. Within months Ali established a major project in Africa that housed 200 widows and 600 orphans and schooled over 600 children. After Ali revealed this project to the public the organisation continued to grow and so did Ali’s passion and determination toward the project.


Today Ali has managed to bring about 2 large additional projects to help the brothers and sisters of Africa, another village to house widows and children with schools and the first ever Islamic cemetery and wash area in Togo Africa. But Ali didn’t stop there, he began water well projects and taking MATW to other parts of Africa and the world. Despite Ali’s condition it has not stopped him in wanting MATW to strive. He continues to put all his time despite not having much of it and all his effort into making this project a success.


Ali Banat is a true inspiration and his faith is astounding. He truly gives meaning to the words courage, determination and sacrifice.


MATW Established (Oct 2015)

Construction began on project one and first fundraiser was held in Sydney


Plans for Project 1 (Nov 2015)

Matw village completed first family fun day was held


Construction Began in Togo (Dec 2015)

Construction began on project one and first fundraiser was held in sydney

2nd Fundraising Dinner (Jan 2016)

Second Fundraising dinner held in Melbourne

Project 1 ( Feb 2016)

Construction continued on project 1


Plans for Project 2 & 3 (March 2016)

Plans for project 2 Chive village and project 3 were developed and completed. The first container arrived in Africa full of clothing from MATW


Plans for Project 2 & 3 (March 2016)

Plans for project 2 Chive village and project 3 were developed and completed. The first container arrived in
Africa full of clothing from MATW

Chive Project (Apr 2016)

Chive project was given 10,000 m2 extra land by the Togo government as an appreciation of our work

Masjid and Schools (May 2016)

Project 1 first floors homes, masjid and schools were complete. We held a large clothing distribution throughout may, first widow moved into project one MATW Village


Gambia Project (June 2016)

Gambia project established, first container of food, beds, mini fridges and manchester were sent to Africa, zakaat programme held for eid


Water Tanks (July 2016)

Water tanks were created which will give our followers the opportunity to donate water tanks to villages


Qurban/ Walima/ Aqiqah Project (Aug 2016)


Project 1 Matw Village (Sept 2016)

Project 1 Matw Village, project 2 Chive Village are now 3-4 weeksaway from completion, containers of food, beds, fridges and manchester arrived to Africa. Matw school uniforms were introduced