MATW Project

His Vision

Ali envisioned for MATW to become one of the leading charity organisations in the world, focusing on the well-being of orphans and the empowerment of widows. Where help was needed around the world Ali wanted MATW to be the first to help.


Ali’s Life and Mission

Ali Banat was born and raised in Sydney, Australia where he led a short but successful life. During his youth, Ali passionately participated in and contributed to community support work by organising youth programmes aimed at keeping young people off the streets. After starting out as an apprentice electrician, Ali’s exemplary hard work and determination resulted in the establishment of two successful businesses of his own. As a self-made businessman, Ali had everything going for him when suddenly at the age of 29, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given only 7 months to live.

With Ali’s remarkable mindset, he immediately embraced his illness as a “gift” seizing it as an opportunity to add more meaning to his life. This led him on a humanitarian journey seeking out and implementing ways to help improve the lives of impoverished people all around the world. Regardless of his deteriorating health, Ali through his determination travelled to Africa where he was overcome by the tremendous amount of poverty he had witnessed.

As a result, he founded the MATW Project to help eradicate poverty and empower these communities for a more sustainable future. Since 2015, MATW has successfully carried out numerous projects establishing schools, orphanages, housing for widows and children and continues to strive to do so. Providing for children and orphans was particularly close to Ali’s heart, not having had any children of his own, he grew to love them as though they were his own. Sadly in May 2018, Ali lost his battle with cancer leaving behind a sustainable and effective legacy through MATW.

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