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Palestine Emergency

Gaza is under attack!

Many families are in need of urgent aid after recent airstrikes on The Gaza strip killing at least 10 people including a five year old girl. Help save a life by delivering urgent aid.

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MATW Emergency


MATW is responding to the earthquakes in Afghanistan by providing urgent food, clean water, hygiene kits and more. Help save lives now

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Help Palestine in these blessed days

Vulnerable families in Palestine continue to struggle day to day with oppression and poverty. We're on the ground helping but we can reach even more people with your help.

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Build a Well

Give the best of Sadaqah in Dhul Hijjah!

The gift of clean drinking water is a beautiful and sacred one - especially when coupled with your ibadah during these blessed days. Build a well today!

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MATW Palestine Film Tour

MATW Palestine Film Tour

We're banding together to raise funds to rebuild Palestine. 

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Build a Masjid

Build YOUR house in Jannah!

There's no time like the present to start building a legacy unlike any other. Build a masjid this Dhul Hijjah!

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Give clean water this Muharram!

Allah SWT's sacred month of Muharram is a blessed and important month and it is here. NOW is the time to build a well in your name or in honour of a loved one!

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Project Build

Project Build

We're in build mode! We're transforming lives by rebuilding homes, constructing new orphan centres and developing entire communities to lift them out of poverty but we can't do it without you. Now is the chance to join us and build something beautiful in this life and the next.

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The crisis in Palestine continues.

Rebuild and Refurnish Houses


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General donation towards refubrish damaged houses, restore utility services, refurnish with basic furnitures, linen and HH Appliances to make them liveable by vulnerable families.

Provide Water 5K Litres


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Water – clean water for 100 Families

Large Family Food Pack


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Enough to last an entire month, contents include: sugar, rice, lentils, grit, oil, tea, dates, molasses, vegetable ghee, noodles, pasta, chickpeas, salt

Baby Milk (1 Week Supply)


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Provides a weeks supply of baby milk powder (28 meals)

Build something beautiful with your Sadaqah Jariyah

New Orphan Centre Tripoli


Support the purchase of our new orphan centre in Tripoli, El Mina. We are committed to buy a centre in Lebanon to provide a safe home for 100 Orphans. Your funds will go towards the purchase of the property and renovation work

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Secure Orphans Homes, Kpoga TOGO


Orphans and provide education, a play center, learning and social spaces, kitchens and prayers facilities. The current building requires extensive renovation, painting, plumbing and drainage upgrade

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Refurbish Homes Palestine


Help renovate homes that have been devastated by war and conflict. Our team on the ground will focus on the following: General Renovation, Plumbing, standing, Painting, Carpentry (doors & Windows), electrics and lighting, tailing and furniture.

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Perform the best of deeds this Dhul Hijjah! 

Give Qurban

Qurban Cow Share (India)

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Qurban Sheep/Goat Sacrifice (Yemen)

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Qurban Cow Share (Palestine)

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It starts with water! Build a well

Bangladesh Basic Water Well

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Basic Africa Water Well

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Uganda Hand Pump Water Well

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Build A House In Jannah – Build A Masjid!

Community Masjid

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Large Masjid

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Grand Masjid

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Respond To An Emergency

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